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Our Team

John O’Brien – Founder, Chief Brewer & Operations

John O’Brien is the Founder of, and Chief Brewer for, O’Brien Beer.  After being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease 20 years ago and told by his doctor “no more beer”, John set out to develop a gluten free beer for himself and others alike – even setting fire to the back shed in those early days!

Almost 20 years on, O’Brien Beers have won more than 40 international awards – including all three AIBA GOLD medals awarded to a gluten free beer, the only Indies GOLD medal ever awarded to a gluten free beer and a World Beer Cup Silver award.  John comes from a long line of rebels that challenge the ‘norm’ – his great, great grandfather and his 2 brothers were amongst the 100 or so rebels that took part in the Eureka Stockade.

John is married with two teenage children and keeps in shape by cycling in his spare time.

Joe Procter – Corporate Advisory, Strategy & Marketing

Joe has 30 years’ beer drinking experience from the wrong side of the bar.

He first tasted O’Brien Beer in Darwin during a stifling wet season in 2017. After realising this wonderful ‘nectar of the gods’ was 100% Australian made and owned, he made his way to Ballarat via Sydney, Melbourne and the M8. After talking his way through the brewery door and deciding John O’Brien was the ‘real deal’, he ultimately convinced John to support a buy-in and the partnership with IndiBrewing Group was born.

Joe’s passion for O’Brien beer is seen every time he meets anyone who might possibly be a retailer or consumer of beer.  He won’t rest until we’re globally recognised as the best tasting gluten free beer in the world.

The Crew

These guys are the Ballarat engine room, ensuring top quality beer and first class customer service.

Paul runs the brewery and brews all those great O’Brien beers.  Paul loves going bush, sitting by a river and enjoying a few O’Brien beers.  Paul is ably assisted by Steve who runs the bottling and canning lines.  There isn’t anything that Steve can’t fix or turn his hand to.  Rounding out the permanent production crew is Bob who runs the packing lines.  Bob is an all-rounder who willingly takes on all tasks (including mowing the nature strip!).  All three have been brewing and packaging O’Brien Beers for many years.

Last, but by no means least, Michele is our chief bean counter, dispatcher, receptionist, and glue that holds it all together.  She is organised and efficient and always finds a way to get things done.

Up to 12 people are in operating team when we are running at full production.

What we stand for

Our Mission

To create the best tasting gluten free craft beers in the world.

Our Values

Constantly challenging the status quo, and what defines beer and its ingredients.

REAL beer, REAL people.

Beers for people of all tastes, preferences and lifestyles.

We believe in operating a sustainable business in terms of our relationship with the environment, our trade customers and our consumers.

Our Character

We’re a Beer that Loves You Back.

We love and celebrate beer.

We love and celebrate our community.

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We love and celebrate our planet.

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