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Our Story

Our Inspiration

A pioneering spirit

John O’Brien is a legend of Australia’s beer industry.  In 2003, he dreamed of producing a great tasting beer that could be enjoyed by everyone, free from the ill effects of mass-produced wheat and barley.

Our Journey

2003-2005: Company Incorporated

2003-2005: Company Incorporated

Company Incorporated, extensive beer trials lead to first gluten free beer released in Australia – Pale Ale and Premium Lager contract brewed.

2005-2010: Commercial brewing equipment acquired

2005-2010: Commercial brewing equipment acquired

Commercial brewing equipment acquired in support of our own production.  Release Brown Ale and win Silver Medal at Beer World Cup in USA.

2013-2014: Belgian Ale released

2013-2014: Belgian Ale released

Belgian Ale released, winning 1st AIBA Gold Medal.

2015-2019: New Ballarat Brewery opened

2015-2019: New Ballarat Brewery opened

New Ballarat “Rebellion” Brewery opened, win 2nd AIBA Gold Medal for Brown Ale.

2019: IndiBrewing Pty Ltd acquire 50% of Rebellion

IndiBrewing Pty Ltd acquire 50% of Rebellion Brewing, win 3rd AIBA Gold Medal for Stout and 1st Indies Gold Medal for Brown Ale.

Our Brewing Process

Naturally crafted, distinctly different

All our beers are craft brewed – with an O’Brien twist.  A unique combination of ancient grains, brewer’s art and specialist brewhouse equipment sets them apart from other craft beers.

The Ancient Grains Difference

The old becomes new…

Ancient grains are reclaiming their rightful place in beer brewing.

Sorghum, millet, buckwheat, and rice were historically used to brew delicious, highly nutritious fermented beverages as far as 20,000 years ago,.Their natural aromas and taste profiles gave way to commercial farming and mass-produced wheat and barley becoming the norm.

Our Gongs

O’Brien is Australia’s most awarded gluten free craft beer.

We’re immensely proud that O’Brien beers have won over 40 local and international beer awards.  2019 alone saw Gold at the Australian International Beer Awards and Gold at the Independent Brewers Association ‘Indies’. Whilst it’s great to be recognised in competitions, we’re happiest just seeing you enjoy one of our beers…

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